Reaching Your Weight, Fitness, and Wellness Goals

At Midwest Hormone Centers, we understand the relationship between hormonal balance, health, fitness, and weight control. When one of these elements declines, it tends to bring the others down too. This is why we have developed a comprehensive plan to address all of the factors that can impact the outcome of a fitness and weight control regimen. Our team of experts is ready to assist in your journey to become the fittest, happiest, and most healthy version of you possible.

Medically Supervised Fitness

Our clinics are partnered with Goat House CrossFit (located next to the Overland Park Center) to provide structure to our exercise recommendations. Using CrossFit methodology (constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity), your Midwest Hormone provider is able to not only prescribe an exercise program, but also to give instruction, suggest modifications, and offer feedback on your performance. Personal training, individualized programs, and small class options are available. Regardless of the setting, the exercise program can be scaled to accommodate any level of fitness or underlying medical condition. In addition to an initial medical exam, lab testing, and potential hormonal balancing,  body composition testing is done as a way to track progress. Combining a structured, effective, and fun exercise regimen to our other programs is the fast track to weight management success. If location is a barrier, we can provide a taylored exercise regimen that can be performed at your home or neighborhood gym. For more information on Goat House CrossFit, please follow the link below.

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Weight Management in Overland Park
Medically Supervised Weight Management

So, which is more important: wellness, diet, or exercise in reaching weight management goals? The answer is…all of the above. The weight management program at Midwest Hormone Centers not only provides structure to our exercise prescriptions, we do the same with diet recommendations. Whether you need just a little reminder about healthy dietary options, custom meal plans, or complete meal preparation, we can point you in the direction of success. After a thorough medical evaluation, we can also recommend dietary supplements and I.V. nutritional support as well as prescribe appropriate medical treatments to ensure proper hormonal and metabolic function. There is no shortcut to achieving ideal fitness and weight, but we can provide you with all of the tools that you will need for success.

Semaglutide: The Latest Tool Used For Weight Control

Semaglutide is an FDA approved treatment for weight management which has recently become available from our compounding phamacies at a fraction of the retail cost. This weekly injection has proven to be very effective in promoting substantial weight loss (20% of body weight over the course of treatment). Along with appropriate diet, exercise, and hormone balancing, semaglutide can lead to long term weight loss and maintenance. All Midwest Hormone Centers locations offer a comprehensive program that addresses all of the details regarding this exciting new treatment. Please contact one of our clinics or submit an online request for more information.

Weight Management in Overland Park
Putting it all Together

Exercising regularly, eating well, living well, performing well…it all is easy to recommend but can be very difficult to do. Whether your goals are to recover from illness or injury, improve on sport or job performance, or to just get in better shape, our multi-faceted approach to hormones, weight, fitness, and wellness can help identify the barriers to success and provide all of the support necessary to meet your goals.

Weight Management in Overland Park