One of the top reasons why people don’t feel well is lack of nutrition. For people who want to feel younger, proper nutrition is a key component to anti-aging therapy in Overland Park. The internet is a great thing, but it is often bogged down with a lot of false nutrition information. Here are 10 myths you should know about when it comes to nutrition.

1. Eat little and often. 

One of the biggest nutrition myths STILL being advised by dieticians, nutritionists, and other practitioners, (even Jamie Oliver) is “eat little and often.” Well, the body doesn’t like it when you graze all day. By choosing this diet regimen, your body will produce insulin, store fat, and will experience increased inflammation.

2. Low-fat products are always healthy options. 

IV therapy in Overland Park is known for its nutritional support, and when you remove fat from the food, you are processing it, and you have to replace it with unnatural things. Healthy fats in their natural form are better for your health.

3. Saturated fat can lead to heart disease. 

A man named Ancel Keyes released a study in the 1950s about saturated fats and then released only partial results. He was very selective about what he published. Midwest Hormone Centers specializes in weight management in Overland Park , and our staff knows that saturated fat raises our good cholesterol, debunking the theory.

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4. The vegan diet is healthy for everyone. 

There is no one-size-fits-all diet. Many vegans supplement their diets with processed foods and meat substitutes—some end up having a Vitamin D or B12 deficiency. Work with dietary experts to find a food plan that works best for your situation.

5. Coffee is bad for you. 

Caffeine increases blood pressure temporarily, but there are some great antioxidants in there. Coffee reduces the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and cancer.

6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

When you eat isn’t nearly as important as what you eat. Although breakfast can provide some energy to start the day, the most important thing to remember is to have a healthy breakfast and not just donuts and sugary cereal.

7. Green juices are healthy. 

One of the first things Midwest Hormone Centers asks about before treating people for anti-aging therapy in Overland Park is sugar intake. Most green juices are actually full of sugar. They also have no protein or healthy fats. Green juices, especially if they are made with excess spinach, are hard on your kidneys and liver.

8. Counting calories is the most effective way to lose weight. 

Calories are not equal. Your body is a chemistry lab, so that carbs might be okay for some people and killer for others.

9. Organic food is not worth the extra cost. 

IV therapy in Overland Park is all about natural remedies, and organic food is worth the money. Produce sprayed with pesticides is toxic to your cells, so organic is always a good option.

10. You must stay away from all carbs. 

“Don’t eat carbs” is one of the most annoying myths. Carbohydrates are a macronutrient needed for lots of processes in the body. All vegetables are carbohydrates, and nutritionists tell you to fill half your plate with them.

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At Midwest Hormone Centers, we specialize in natural, holistic treatment options to keep you on the path to feeling happy, healthy, and energetic. Midwest Hormone Centers customized your wellness plan by offering comprehensive and customized testosterone replacement therapy in Overland Park for men and menopause treatment in Overland Park for women.

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