At Midwest Hormone Centers, we often treat hormonal deficiency in Overland Park, whether in women or men. When it comes to men’s health, the topic of testosterone is always the first focus of the conversation. The thing is, there are lots of other factors to consider before you think about getting testosterone replacement therapy in Overland Park.

Age is an inevitable factor in everyone’s life, but we can choose to have optimal hormone health and make lifestyle choices that support healthy hormone levels. Men often visit Midwest Hormone Centers and say the doctor checked and all their levels are normal. However, their symptoms are still looking like a hormonal decline is happening. That is because there is a difference between average and optimal.

If you have below normal levels, you may need a bioidentical hormone replacement in Overland Park. which is something that many men are not familiar with. So, what constitutes the need for this particular treatment?

What Are Optimal Lab Ranges?

Has your doctor ever come back and said everything was fine and labs look “normal”? That is because regular signs of aging include slowing libido, fatigue, poor sleep, and longer recovery from exercise. All of these things are typical signs of aging. If this becomes life-altering, you may need anti-aging therapy in Overland Park to assess you.

Looking at testosterone levels, here is a good example. The normal range for testosterone for an adult male is 300 to 1200 ng/dL (nanograms (ng) per deciliter (dL)). If your testosterone falls anywhere within this range, you are technically “normal.” But let’s say your testosterone levels were 1200 ng/dL one year, and the next year they fell to 400ng/dL. That is not normal, and you may need testosterone replacement therapy in Overland Park.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Overland Park

Factors that Contribute to Hormone Health

  • Diet and Exercise
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Medication and Drugs
  • Injury or Trauma
  • Testosterone and Metabolism
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Older Age

Optimal is Better

Bioidentical hormone replacement in Overland Park may be necessary to help you reach your optimal range for your age group. You should be in at least the top third for the hormones you want high and the lower third for the hormones you want to be low. When it comes to hormones, men typically feel better if they have optimal levels in all areas, this includes both diet and testosterone. The best way to find optimal hormone health is to visit Midwest Hormone Centers and get professional consultation from an experienced physician.

Menopause Treatment in Overland Park

At Midwest Hormone Centers, we specialize in natural, holistic treatment options to keep you on the path to feeling happy, healthy, and energetic. Midwest Hormone Centers customizes your wellness plan by offering comprehensive testosterone replacement therapy in Overland Park for men and menopause treatment in Overland Park for women.

Additionally, we offer weight management services!

To find out more about services associated with weight management in Overland Park, give us a call today at 913.413.0016. You can also contact us online and one of our nutritional expert team members will follow up with you soon.