When middle-aged women begin dealing with menopause, it can be a difficult time in their lives. Menopause is when a woman’s menstrual cycles come to an end, and it typically happens after the age of 40, but some women deal with this earlier. Some common symptoms include needing to go to the restroom more often, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes. These can result in both hormonal imbalance or hormonal deficiency in Overland Park.

Menopause symptoms can make everyday life difficult, and that’s why many women seek menopause treatment in Overland Park from our professionals at Midwest Hormone Centers. This article will describe some of the best ways to deal with menopause and to help reduce some of the challenging symptoms that come with it.

How to Deal with the Constant Trips to the Restroom

During menopause, it is common to experience an involuntary loss of urine, also known as urinary incontinence. This is definitely one of the more annoying symptoms of menopause, but there are ways to improve incontinence without surgery or medication.

One of the most effective ways to remain healthy during this time is to drink plenty of water and keep the urine diluted. It is also best to avoid food and beverages that are acidic and high in caffeine. Beverages like coffee and soda can irritate the bladder lining, which can worsen your symptoms. Avoiding foods like tomatoes, oranges, and grapefruits is also an effective form of menopause treatment in Overland Park.

Menopause Treatment in Overland Park

How to Deal with Sleep Issues

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping during menopause, you are not alone. This affects many women during this period in their lives and can be caused by a variety of reasons, including hormonal imbalance or hormonal deficiency in Overland Park. Here are some effective ways to deal with sleep issues caused by menopause:

  • Keep a consistent bedtime, even on the weekends.
  • Find ways to relax before bedtime, such as reading, listening to music, or taking a relaxing shower/bath.
  • Drink milk or snack on peanuts before bed; both contain tryptophan, which helps the body relax.
  • Talk to your doctor about other forms of relaxation or different techniques centered around anti-aging therapy in Overland Park.

How to Deal with Hot Flashes at Night

Often, hot flashes or night sweats occur while you are asleep. Here are some of the most effective ways to stay cool at night:

  • Dress in lightweight clothing
  • Sleep with a fan on
  • Sip cool water if you wake up during the night
  • Keep a cold pack underneath your pillow and turn the pillow over each time you wake up; this will keep the pillow as cool as possible

Menopause Treatment in Overland Park

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