As you probably know, eventually in life, you get old; and as you grow older, certain things become more challenging to do. When you age, you begin to lose some of the energy and motivation you once had. Not to mention, your fitness level declines, your eyesight might get worse, and various other things may start to diminish. In fact, some people require anti-aging therapy in Overland Park to help slow down the signs of getting older.

One of the most frustrating parts of getting older is gaining excess weight. Many people begin to seek help for weight management in Overland Park as they age. This is because they realize they aren’t maintaining or losing weight like they were once capable of doing.

Here are some of the most significant factors that cause challenges for people and their weight as they grow older.

Normal Hormonal Changes

It is perfectly normal to experience changes in hormone levels as you age, and this is true for both men and women. You may experience imbalanced hormone levels or hormonal deficiency in Overland Park.

For women, menopause typically occurs between ages 45 and 55 and results in a significant drop in estrogen levels. This encourages extra pounds to then settle around the belly. During this time, weight gain is more noticeable, and blood pressure levels may increase.

For men, testosterone levels can gradually decline beginning around age 40. Once the decline starts, it is quite common for testosterone levels to decrease around 1 to 2 percent per year. Testosterone helps regulate fat distribution and muscles mass. When it declines, the body will likely become less effective at burning calories.

Weight Management in Overland Park

Reduced Metabolism

Another reason why middle-aged and older adults struggle with weight management in Overland Park is decreased metabolism. As you age, muscle mass typically decreases, and when that happens, your metabolism slows down. Metabolism helps convert calories into energy, so without metabolism, the calories essentially have nowhere to go.

As you age, you tend to be less active, which slows down your metabolism. Although age isn’t the only factor when it comes to metabolism levels, it is one of the most important. Body type and certain conditions can also play a factor in your metabolism.

Added Stress

When you get older, it is common to have things in your life that result in extra stress. It might be dealing with your kids and keeping up with their activities, you might have a stressful job, or you are dealing with numerous financial burdens. Extra stress can result in unhealthy habits, like excessive snacking or over-eating.

No matter what is causing your stress, you may want to seek treatment, medication, or anti-aging therapy in Overland Park. Depending on your doctor’s advice, these might be effective methods for reducing stress, which may improve your weight management.

Weight Management in Overland Park

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